Meet Abacus Therapies Team: Natalie Schad, BCBA

By Brad Fenton | 15 March, 2024
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At Abacus Therapies, we always try to get to know our little patients as much as possible, their unique skills and way of seeing the world on the spectrum. Naturally, the curiosity is mutual, and both children and parents wish to get to know more about the people designing and overseeing the ABA sessions — our dedicated BCBA therapists!

Today, we’re talking with Natalie Schad, a certified BCBA specialist, about a typical day in the life of a BCBA so you can see what this role entails.

But instead of providing ordinary answers, Natalie wished to express the love and enthusiasm for her work via a poem! 

What is the day-to-day like for a BCBA?

A typical day for me involves a lot of planning, guidance and troubleshooting –  whether it be a training program, implementing a new behavior plan, modifying a goal or providing support to the therapists.              

Is being a BCBA worth it? What are the biggest benefits? 

My favorite part of being a BCBA is being able to put the puzzle together and watch a client meet their goals and milestones. Every day brings a new challenge, and I couldn’t do it without the hard work and compassion of my amazing team of RBTs and caregivers by my side.

A Day in the Life of a BCBA

A typical day, one might want to know,

Is meeting a child where they’re at and watching them grow 

The goals they can accomplish, once only dream,

I witness come true (while I silently scream!).

So much of the time, living without a voice,

And all of a sudden, having that choice.


Imagine a puzzle with 10 missing pieces 

And week by week, seeing small increases 

In dressing, requesting and cooperative play,

Mastering new skills each and every day, 

Building confidence and reducing pressure

And little by little the puzzle comes together.


Compassion, strength and session flow

Each and every day, watching you grow.

We make the best team, “it takes a village” they say

RBT, caregivers and BCBA.

                                   By Natalie Schad, BCBA


We hope you enjoyed Natalie’s BCBA verses and find the poem as kind and supportive as we did! 

If you have any questions about the ABA therapy for children with autism, feel free to reach out via email, message, or phone, and our team of BCBA and RBT specialists will be happy to assist!