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At Abacus Therapies, we are dedicated to providing fully customized ABA therapy in Charlotte, NC. Our personalized ABA sessions are available at your home or your child’s school or kindergarten, making sure that your child is happy and comfortable in a trust-inspiring environment .

We are also proud to announce the upcoming opening of our ABA therapy center in Charlotte, North Carolina! Here, kids will be able to attend center-based sessions and benefit from group ABA sessions too.

Who We Are

Our family story is such that we’ve learned first-hand how ABA therapy creates lasting benefits for everyone involved. Feeling inspired by the therapy results, we decided to gather a team of ABA experts to help other families with autism.

Since 2017, the Abacus Therapies team has worked with children with autism of different ages, helping them and their families successfully overcome the challenges of living with ASD.

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What We Do

At Abacus Therapies, our team of highly qualified and experienced therapists use their skills and knowledge to help kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) reach their full potential.

Upon consulting with the family and meeting the child, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create improvement plans tailored to each child’s individual needs, carefully monitor their progress, and work with parents to ensure the best possible outcome.

Meet Natalie Schad, our Clinical Director in Charlotte, NC

Meet Madeline Smith, our Lead BCBA in Charlotte, NC

Meanwhile, our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) conduct the sessions according to the improvement plan, using science-based techniques and strategies to ensure your child is constantly progressing and staying engaged.

Meet Sara Galam, one of our dedicated RBTs

In addition to one-on-one sessions at home and schools, we will soon start offering group sessions in Charlotte, NC.

Why ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is an effective approach to autism treatment, with decades of scientific research to back it up. Organized into daily sessions that often take the form of guided play, ABA therapy in NC can help autistic kids achieve the following goals:

  • Improving language and communication skills
  • Reducing aggression and other negative behaviors
  • Enhancing social interactions and social functioning
  • Acquiring daily living skills and boosting autonomy
  • Improving academic success and school participation

To ensure a positive outcome, kids should begin ABA therapy in NC as soon as they receive an official diagnosis. Research has shown that children who start ABA therapy at 2 years old have higher success rates than those who start later. 

However, it’s not unusual for kids to get diagnosed later in life and still achieve excellent results, even if they begin ABA therapy at 6 years old or older.

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Who We Are

Our experience taught us that child-led ABA therapy creates new and lasting benefits for everyone involved.

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Abacus Therapies Location in Charlotte, NC

9013 Perimeter Woods Drive, Suite I
Charlotte, North Carolina 28216

Insurance Coverage

Under North Carolina state law, medical insurance providers must cover any autism treatment deemed medically necessary — and this includes ABA therapy.

If your child meets the basic requirements (aged 18 or under, diagnosed with ASD, and referred by a clinician), your health insurance should cover the cost of ABA therapy.

If you have any questions about the insurance coverage for ABA autism therapy in Charlotte, NC, we are here to help. We’ll contact your provider to check your child’s eligibility, help you get the necessary authorizations, and inform you about other financing options.

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