Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy for Kids with ASD

ABA (applied behavior analysis) has been widely recommended as a type of therapy for children on the spectrum, but do you know what exactly it stands for, how it can help your child, and what types of ABA therapies there are? 

We’re going to explain to you why ABA has become so popular in recent years, why the good reputation is justified, how you can cover the costs, and what kind of ABA services we can provide you with. 

About Therapy

What Is ABA Therapy?

As a matter of fact, ABA therapy cannot be defined as only one kind of therapy. Rather, applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a type of science that studies the individual’s behavior and helps them improve their social and emotional skills, as well as prevent dangerous behavior. 

While ABA therapy is widely recommended as a treatment for children on the autism spectrum, especially from a young age, the applied behavior therapy can be used for other developmental disorders too, such as ADHD, Down syndrome, or anxiety, etc.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

In a nutshell, ABA therapy is mainly focused on the reward system, in which an individual is rewarded or denied a prize by completing certain actions. The therapy is usually characterized as extensive, and the number of ABA therapy hours varies depending on a child or adult’s needs.

ABA therapy is very successful if ABA providers involve parents or caregivers in it too.

What Are ABA’s Success Rates?

An ABA therapist works with the child one-on-one, and usually strongly cooperates with the parents or caregivers. For this reason, the chances of success are high, and our practice confirms this claim.  

There has been various scientific research on ABA for children, agreeing ABA therapy as a highly individualized process can be extremely beneficial for the child. 

When Is It Best to Start with ABA?

There have been claims that the best time to begin with ABA therapy is between 2 and 6 years old. However, we support the stand that an individual approach and estimation are most important, and scientific studies confirm this as well. 

Our therapists will consider your child’s individual needs and possibilities, and develop the best possible ABA strategy for them.

In-Home vs Center-Based ABA Therapy

At Abacus Therapies, we offer two types of ABA therapy for children on the spectrum, depending on the circumstances or preferences:

  • In-home ABA therapy
  • School-based ABA therapy

Both types of therapies come with certain advantages and disadvantages. 

If you would like to find out more about which solution is best for you, give us a call and we’ll decide together what type of therapy is best for your child.

Why Abacus Therapies?

Abacus Therapies started as an idea of one family with a child on the autism spectrum who wanted to spread the word about ABA for children with ASD. With support from our friends and families, our wish has come true.

Over the years, we have managed to gather a team of ABA therapists who possess the knowledge, experience, and passion for helping children with ASD by applying the principles of ABA therapies.

As for the ABA therapy cost, families tend to become concerned about it, particularly due to the fact that ABA therapy implies a number of regular sessions. However, you needn’t worry since we can advise you about the ABA therapy insurance coverage so you can be completely confident about all the options ahead of you. 

Our locations

We have several locations across the country, and we offer ABA in-home therapy or center-based ABA services (on several different addresses) in each of them:

Charlotte, North Carolina

Miami-Dade, South Florida

Broward, South Florida

Palm Beach, South Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

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Questions or concerns?
We’ve addressed some of the common ones here.

Our entire approach is rooted in your child and their needs, and from there develops with the family in mind. We take time to connect with your child, so we can discover the best way to help them, and you, develop and communicate.

Abacus Therapies works with many insurance companies to offer our families coverage, and our relationships with those companies means we can help you navigate what can be a very confusing process. If you aren’t covered, we’ll turn to our deep network of professionals to get you the best resources we can. Either way, get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

The diagnosis isn’t just about your child—it’s something that affects your whole family. Abacus Therapies is dedicated to working organically with children and families to grow naturally as a team, while incorporating the latest developments and best practices available.

The sessions will occur at home or at school, depending on the specific plan we create together. And while your entire family isn’t required to be present, we strongly believe everyone can benefit from being involved in therapy. Additionally, we provide parent and family training if requested.

Just as every diagnosis is different, every child responds to therapy differently and develops in their own time. We believe our focus is to connect with your child and build organically from there. Based on your child’s needs and milestones, we’ll develop a custom “road map” to help families through the process.

Your program will be custom to you and your child. We align with industry standards, which show that an intensive program early on can be extremely effective in your child’s ongoing development.

It’s often the case that your child will need continued support as they grow, but it’s not likely to be as intensive as in these early stages. We’ll know better when we understand your child’s unique needs.

Yes. We’ll work with your family’s specific scheduling needs and help build a plan that works for everyone.

We’ll do our best to staff you with a bilingual therapist. Generally, the therapy is conducted in English to support what your child is exposed to in school.

Bilingual therapy on request is only subject to availability of therapists. Reach out to us to find out more.

Therapy of this kind is a learning experience for you as well as for your child. Abacus Therapies will help you incorporate the lessons and tools from therapy into your day-to-day life.

You should speak to your child’s pediatrician for more information. Diagnosis requires a licensed neurologist or psychologist, and your pediatrician should be able to recommend someone for you.

We currently offer services to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Florida, the Charlotte metro area in North Carolina, and in Atlanta, Georgia.

We work with a wide range of ages, starting from first diagnosis and early childhood, all the way through adolescence.

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