Abacus Therapies was founded in 2017  by Brad and Susan Fenton, parents of a child with autism.

From left to right: Brad, Susan and Max Fenton. Brad and Susan are the founders of Abacus Therapies

Learning that your child is different comes with a certain dose of anxiety, as well as fear of alienation or misunderstanding. Yet, it is perfectly possible for the child on the spectrum to live a full and rich life with warm and significant relationships.

In order to help their son lead a happier life, the Fenton family decided to try applied behavior therapy (ABA therapy), as its main principles and focus on individuality matched their own vision.

“Our own experience taught us that the heart of any autism therapy should be the child. Not the process. Not the diagnosis. Start with your child’s interests and build from there. Understand their specific needs. Create a window into how they see the world and build new skills and behaviors that are authentic to them.”

Today, Abacus Therapies is one of the leading ABA therapy practices for children with autism spectrum, offering in-home and center-based ABA therapy for kids across the country. Our team of specialists is trained in a range of interdisciplinary therapies so we can build a completely customized approach that works best for your child and your family.

We’ve been there. Let us help.

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Our Manifest


To offer best-in-class professionals using a child-led approach to autism therapy.


To support families like ours through diagnosis and beyond with personalized, professional care.


We understand that every diagnosis is different, so our team is trained in a combination of therapies to explore your child’s full and unique potential.

Meet the Abacus Team

Sep Niakan

Executive Director

Quadrilingual reformed tech nerd who loves funny movies, Asian food and all types of animals.  Dedicated father and husband doing good in the world.

Brad Fenton

Chief Relationship Officer
Dog loving catch and cook fisherman who enjoys mango season, jogging and cycling. Father and husband who is passionate about learning/teaching about Autism and helping children and families. 

Susan Cywiak

Parent Support and Training

Proud Native of Venezuela, Doctor of Pharmacy, loving wife and mother. Enjoys a nice vino tinto, connecting with other moms and promoting Autism awareness and acceptance.

Stephanie Bienstock

Client Care Manager

Native Floridian supermom of two, wife of one.  Enjoys real estate, a good cup of coffee and is dedicated to pairing families with quality therapists.

Sumner Flynn

Clinical Supervisor, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Sumner has been certified as a BCBA since 2011. Her expertise includes verbal behavior, social skills development, and reduction of severe problem behaviors.

Natalie Schad


Upbeat Floridian transplant via California. Joyfully helping children reach their full potential since 2014 using an individualized and natural approach. Specializes in early intervention, verbal behavior and feeding therapy.

Sahar Dahsheh


Multi-lingual world citizen who believes that homogeneity is boring and whose calling in life is to constantly grow and help others do the same.

Roberta Costa

Health Insurance Coordinator

Beach lover,  spending time with family and friends makes everything better. Traveling and dancing keep her busy. Helping others is what it’s all about.  

Joy Ekele


Doctor of Medicine and Recruiter extraordinaire.  Loves traveling (especially to a nice body of water), music and a heart warming bowl of rice.  Anti-bullying advocacy is a passion.

Madeline Smith

Lead BCBA in NC

Traveler, Chili’s 2 for $20 fanatic, and lover of all things cheesecake. Alabama native who is passionate about creating trusting therapeutic relations and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Marixiel Desangles


A certified scuba diving, multilingual hypnotist.  Her meditation practice shows in her calm demeanor and warm smile.  In addition to helping children and families, she volunteers at a homeless shelter and is learning to play a mean guitar. 

Avram Milanovic

Operations Manager

State Department alumni and cat lover. Passionate about growing teams and making things work. MS Excel wizard who can’t read his own handwriting. Sushi connoisseur. Makes questionable car choices.

Isidora Mihaljcic

HR Manager

Serbian born–American raised–all-star mom, wife and basketball player/fanatic. Loves Chinese food, family time and Psychology.  Former RBT.

Marija Djurovic

Scheduling Manager

Trilingual (Serbian, English, Arabic) foodie and a mom of six cats and two dogs. Addicted to chamomile tea and Google Sheets. Natural problem-solver. Will organise your spreadsheet for a bowl of Lentil Daal.

Maria Solis

Billing Manager

Peruvian gal, eco-friendly, traveller, explorer, chocolate cake lover.  Passionate about cooking for family and loved ones. Always helping others and transmitting good vibes.

Emily Scully


Passionate fitness advocate.  Enjoys preparing healthy meals and mastering the art of shaken espressos. Brings compassion and positivity to impactful therapy.


Sofia Brelis


Loves cooking, music and spending time with family/friends. Enjoys traveling and pilates for relaxation and balance. Focused on continued learning and growth in all aspects of life.   


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